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The onevillage development model connects impoverished communities with the resources and funds needed to empower personal health, education and economic development; onevillage at a time.

We don't believe in bringing financial assistance into a community until we know where it's going and how it will be spent. To this end we work with individual local community coordinators in addition to government and non-governmental agencies in each location. Our coordinators are local residents who know firsthand what's needed, how it can be accomplished and are able to help us navigate the often complex world of local customs and traditions. We believe that in order to achieve a healthy, growing community, it's imperative that we're respectful and mindful of the many deep rooted customs and traditions held by the local communities.

Meet our Kpando Project coordinator, Edward Asamany.

The Central Hub Model

We also believe that every community needs a central hub that gives open access to all local residents. The hub can take on many forms depending on the individual structure of the community and its unique customs, traditions and history but regardless of its nature it serves as a focal point for our work. The hub may be a community health center, an after school tutoring center, a garden, an adult literacy center or a combination of all four. One of our main local goals is to identify and empower the creation of a community hub. This also allows us to connect neighboring projects together as spokes so that assistance can be shared and neighboring communities can grow both individually and regionally.

We focus our energies in four areas:


We see promoting education as the primary goal of onevillage.

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Health Care

Our goal is not to change the health care system in the developing world but rather to create new solutions through small-scale initiatives.

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Infrastructure Development

Inaccessibility to both clean water and locally-produced, affordable basic food necessities plagues the developing nations.

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Economic Development

We believe that fostering economic growth and opportunities is vital to a community's health and well-being.

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