January 8, 2015
November 8, 2011



onevillage and Exponential Education to Form Partnership to Bring Tutoring Program to Local Schools in Kpando, Ghana

New York, NY – January 8, 2015 – onevillage, a nonprofit focusing on community empowerment in Kpando, Ghana, has partnered with Exponential Education to bring tutoring programs to the local schools. The community expressed a real desire for this service and rather than reinventing the wheel onevillage turned to Exponential Education as a program partner. "We saw the success Exponential Education was having in other communities in Ghana and thought it would be a perfect fit," says Leia Welsh. "Our goal is to create a program to give students the extra academic support they need at no cost to them or their family."

Exponential Education’s key program is a peer-to-peer after school tutoring program that provides unconditional and conditional scholarships to high school students in need, while improving literacy and numeracy skills for struggling junior high students. Exponential Education helps improve junior high pass rates so that students can continue onto high school, and ensures that high school students who are financially at risk of dropping out are able to stay enrolled in school through stipends and scholarships.

"The onevillage The onevillage /Exponential Education partnership is beneficial to both organizations. onevillage will act as a point of contact and support for Exponential Education operations in Kpando, and will provide access to community leaders and stakeholders. Exponential Education will introduce their model to the Kpando community and help onevillage staff build an educational program modelled after Exponential Education programs but tailored to onevillage’s needs. “onevillage's scholarship program fits perfectly into Exponential Education's mission of keeping Ghanaian students in the classroom. We are excited to grow our reach to the Kpando area and collaborate with an organization that's already making huge educational strides in the community,” says Helen Gradstein, Exponential Education’s Executive Director. onevillage and Exponential Education will jointly fund all educational programs.

As a pilot, the program will consist of two joint onevillage/Exponential Education programs, with a total term reach of 60 students. The programs’ impact will assist 10 Kpando high school students gain crucial leadership, confidence and public speaking skills, as well as assist with their high school fees. Fifty junior high students will gain a role model and mentor within their community, and will also, on average, improve their numeracy and literacy skills by over 200%. Following a successful pilot program, both organizations expect the program to have a permanent reach of approximately 180 students per year.

About onevillage

onevillage is dedicated to building healthy communities through advancements in education, health care, infrastructure and economic growth. onevillage is based in New York City, with satellite offices in Chicago and Denver. onevillage is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity recognized by the IRS. Further information is available at


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Leia Welsh, Co-founder and Vice President

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onevillage Launches to Promote Local Sustainable Development and Community Empowerment Across the Globe

New York, NY – November 8, 2011 – onevillage, a new non-profit focusing on global community empowerment, launched yesterday in an effort to support small-scale developmental initiatives that empower the residents of some of the world's most underdeveloped communities.

Founded by Jill Blumberg, Leia Welsh and Sarah Lindquist, onevillage focuses on four core areas: education, health care, infrastructure and economic development, and channels funds and expertise to underdeveloped villages through in-country program coordinators who know first- hand the needs of local communities.

"We started onevillage with the goal of promoting local, sustainable community development in some of the most underserved villages around the world, and with the belief that by listening to local residents, starting small and applying assistance and funds where needed, we could develop a model that not only creates healthy communities but fosters a healthy planet," says Jill Blumberg. "Our goal is to create community empowerment in each village that we serve by improving the lives of its residents and then ultimately to connect these villages as spokes so that we can build a support structure that spreads positive change locally, regionally and globally."

The community hub is a unique facet of the onevillage model; the hub can take on many forms depending on the individual structure of the community but regardless of its nature it serves as a focal point for the group's work. The hub may be a community health center, a garden, an after-school tutoring center or a combination of all three and serves not only as an outreach base for the group's activities but also provides a safe space for local residents.

The group's first project is located in Kpando, Ghana, where the founders first met as volunteers, and addresses the educational needs of the large orphan population through educational grants, scholarships and teaching support, among other project goals.

"It was important that onevillage's inaugural project start in Kpando, a village where myself and both of my partners have each volunteered and lived throughout the last 3 years," continues Blumberg. "The reception we have gotten not only from people of Kpando, but also from the local government officials and resident Chiefs has been incredible, and our ideas and model have been welcomed with open arms. Our first initiatives, including funding a sustainable farming project for a village orphanage and the construction of a village community hub which will serve as the focal point of our efforts, are in their infancy but are already showing huge progress."

onevillage's mission is to promote local community development in a global landscape through education, health care, infrastructure advancement and economic growth with a focus on underserved villages in the poorest countries around the world. onevillage is based in New York City, with satellite offices in Chicago and Boulder. onevillage's status as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity recognized by the IRS is pending.

onevillage is actively seeking charitable contributions, sponsorships and/or partnerships, as well as individuals interested in getting involved. To find out more about onevillage, visit


Jill Blumberg

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